Gateway Support Services

Gateway provides services throughout the Geelong region, Wyndham, Western Melbourne, Warrnambool, and South West Victoria. Gateway has many years of experience with the National Disability Insurance Scheme ( NDIS) in rendering financial and supporting people with disability. With the Gateway support services, many Australians can get the needed support.

Gateway support services pay attention and cater to children or adults with disabilities. The support services also help teenagers or grown-ups with disabilities set future goals and achieve them. They also employ professional, friendly, and hardworking staff in managing financial plans.

Are you living with disabilities, or do you know someone living with disabilities? You should read on to learn more about Gateway support services.

Overview Of The Gateway Support Services

Gateway support services is a free community organisation focused on supporting and making a significant impact in the lives of teenagers and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism (ASD). Gateway also supports families that need financial support. Gateway is known and appreciated for supporting numerous disabilities such as autism, growth delays, challenging habits, and complex health needs.

Gateway support services turned to changed circumstances and delivered services that will help people live smooth and debt-free lives. They offer recreational services, early intervention and therapy, support services, skill development activities, individual and parent support, educational support, day activities, housing support, and support for adults and children in out-of-home care.

Various Gateway Support Services

Here are Gateway support services:

  • Group and Personal Therapy: Gateway support therapists are licensed to help those with various mental health challenges. The licensed therapists familiarise themselves with you, your traits, and those you interact with. Then, they perform personal and group therapy depending on the situation and need.
  • Support for those with disability: Gateway experienced team work closely with people with disability or additional needs to help them receive needed support and link them with the services that best meet their needs.
  • Accommodation Support Services: Gateway Support Services provides each child or adult with a full range of support services. Gateway prepares personalised and reasonable accommodations at the request of learners with documented disabilities. Gateway Support services aim to provide students equal access to learning opportunities to reach their educational goals.
  • Preschool services: Gateway Support services offer a high standard education to all teenagers and grown-ups with disabilities. In addition, let all children know that they are loved and valued for who they are.
  • Plan Financial Management: Gateway plan Management can be owned by anyone; this enables individuals to have full access to registered or non-accredited plans and help children with disabilities set goals and focus on achieving their goals to live a better life.
  • Recreation and other amusement activities: Gateway offers a wide range of fun and exciting recreation and skills development programs for children and adults with a disability.

Final Thoughts

The benefit of gateway support services from Busy at Work cannot be overemphasised as committing to helping students with their academic needs. Furthermore, the support service strives for excellence in their various endeavour. Students are assured of equal learning opportunities to attain their educational goals through its support service.

With Gateway support services, people can live good, healthy, and enjoy meaningful lives in the community. Gateway is committed to providing quality, safe and healthy lives to every person that uses their service. Try out Gateway support services today!

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