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You can be confident that your carpet cleaning will not only be the best you have ever had, but that services will be performed to industry’s highest level.

Everyone loves a freshly cleaned carpet…. no matter the style, size or texture of your carpet, Carnation Cleaning Services will take care of your cleaning needs.

As one of the best home carpet cleaner Sydney, we ensure that carpets are treated with non-toxic hypoallergenic cleaners that will leave your home smelling great and your floors looking brand new!

We are industry expert in carpet steam cleaning Sydney and there are few things we would like to tell you. Carpets are easily among the important things that you may find in your home. Carpets have the ability to elevate the appearance of a room. This is also one of the reason people have carpet in their homes. If you have carpet in your home it is essential that it is clean, healthy and vibrant. Call us to steam clean your carpet to maintain it’s health and charm. We want your carpet to be germ free and your home to look as elegant and nice as they should.

Carpet Dry Cleaning
Did You Know?
Cleaning your carpet professionally every 6 to 12 months remarkably extends the life of your carpet saving you dollars in the long run. Experts reckon proper cleaning and maintenance will prolong your carpet’s life by as much as 4 times. It is not cheap to replace a quality carpet and can cost you thousands of dollars. It is therefore vital to maintain the health of your carpet.Regular vacuuming is critical in preserving the health of your carpet alongside professionally getting it cleaned. People on average shed a million skin particles everyday, lose anywhere between fifty to hundred strand of hair and the allergens from your pet fur can conserve itself for months on your carpet. These impurities with dust and dirt will embed itself into your carpet fiber making it much harder to extract next time you get your carpet professionally cleaned. Hence you should vacuum your carpets at least every few days.

Improper carpet care can void warranty on your carpet. Carpets also has to be cleaned professionally in a regular interval of time to maintain it’s warranty. By using our service as best carpet steam cleaner Sydney, you can have a piece of mind that your warranty is protected. We do not use cheap and nasty chemicals which are harsh on your important investment and only use non-toxic hypoallergenic cleaners of highest quality available in the market. We also do not cut corners and take shortcuts while cleaning. Providing you the healthiest and cleanest carpet is our top priority.

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Dirt Magnets: Cleaned Thoroughly
It is a fact that carpets are dirt magnets – they attract a whole lot of dirt and airborne pollutants, perhaps at times more than their fair share of it. These microscopic dirt, dust and allergens may not always visible to your naked eyes. Dirty carpet negatively impacts the air quality inside your home and can cause asthma and allergies. It is near impossible to keep your carpet spot and stain free for long and can be an unpleasant to look at it everyday.Researches suggest that cleaner home promotes happier, healthier and active lifestyle. As a premium home carpet cleaning company in Sydney and Parramatta region, we understand the importance of a healthy home. We are among the few quality carpet steam cleaner in Sydney.

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We Understand Your Carpet Fibre and Chemistry Involved In Cleaning

The process of carpet cleaning and type of cleaning agent to be applied depends on carpet fiber and it’s condition. Not every cleaner understands that carpet fibers can be different and different chemistry and process must be implemented to achieve optimum result. At Carnation Cleaning Services, we are capable of recognizing this and you can rest assured we will get you the cleanest carpet in Sydney.

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Not all procedures of carpet cleaning are the same. There are different ways a carpet can be cleaned. Through our knowledge and expertise we can make the right call as what method would be suitable for a specific job. Our specialist cleaners have been catering to diverse carpet cleaning needs over the years with success. If you are looking to get your carpet cleaned then you should look no further.

Based as carpet cleaning Parramatta and operating Sydney-wide, we have established ourselves as desired and preferred home carpet cleaners Parramatta.

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