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The 3 Myths Decoded That People Tend to Follow with Mattress Cleaning

The moment you think of a mattress, the first thing that comes to mind is the comfort that helps us get a sound sleep each time. Now whether you have placed it on the bed or the floor, it is known to give you equal comfort especially when you own something that eases your posture while asleep. Apart from letting you sleep well, it is something that adds to the aesthetics of the room.

While all of this is something that is secondary, the prime concern that comes with mattresses is the upkeep and cleaning that it goes through. Alike carpets, mattresses too are known to be a storehouse for loose dust, dust mites, allergens, mould, etc. Since they contain close knot fibres within them, the chances are that such agents retain themselves while causing harm to your body and the others who sleep on the mattress. While cleaning them regularly is mandatory, there are several who follow myths on mattress cleaning and here are a few listed to stay away from.


Myth 1 – Unless you see dirt on the mattress, it shouldn’t be cleaned


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Mattresses are known to be a silent trap for dust, food crumbs, liquid spills, dust mites, fungi, etc. and when that accumulates and comes in contact with your skin or probably while you breathe when asleep, you tend to get diagnosed with breathing problems, asthma, hay fever, allergies, etc. Since all of these contaminants cannot be seen with the naked eye, you cannot gauge the level of dirt that has been accumulated. If your house is beside a street or probably have the habit of spilling food on the bed, then you should be cleaning the mattress every six months. Hiring professional mattress cleaning services in Sydney would give you the best results.


Myth 2 – Cleaning the mattress is an easy task


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Cleaning a mattress is no cakewalk and requires a lot of effort to pull out dirt from deep inside. Even when the professionals aren’t around, you could make use of the vacuum cleaner and pull out the dust present on the surface. When it comes to cleaning the mattresses that has dirt deep settled especially the ones that haven’t been cleaned for long, things tend to get a bit difficult on your part especially when you do not have the right tools and cleaning agents to pull out the dirt. Therefore, mattress cleaning is no easy task as you may think and should only be left to professionals who can handle it.


Myth 3 – Letting any random cleaning expert clean the mattress is sufficient


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When it comes to cleaning the mattress, there is the need for precision as well as the right care while cleaning it and all of this can only be done when there are experienced professionals to help out. Picking any random team who claims to help out with mattress cleaning isn’t a solution. You are to ensure that you have made a pick on someone who has relevant years of experience as well as hold a good reputation for the work that they do. Any random cleaner wouldn’t come up with the right results where you may end up watching the mattress get damaged and thus wasting your money.

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